Lucky Bamboo leaves have turned white

pooja_iyerMarch 16, 2009


We have a lucky bamboo which was kept indoors and was doing fine. Last week, accidentally we kept it in direct sunlight for couple of hours. All the leaves have now turned white.

Some of them are part green.

Can this plant be restored to its original health? Any tips / advice would be highly appreciated.



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Hi Pooja. I am very sorry to hear about your plant difficulty.

It sounds like the plant got a bit sunburned and bleached. Hopefully there is enough life leftin the plant to recover. Returning the plant to the normal growing location will probably allow it to establish more healthy growth again. The leaves will not turn back to green, but if it does manage to rejuvenate, it will start more growth for you.

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Hi Pooja,
I know that this is over a year later. My Lucky Bamboo was outside in the sun this past summer the entire time and ended up turning entirely white on me. I made sure that I kept water in it and then when autumn rolled around I brought it back inside. The entire plant is back to being a dark green color. I am going to have to put it in a new vase soon considering that the roots are starting to get tangled. I wish you the best with your plant.

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