lucky bamboo cuttings - new leaves?

cotwo_eaterMarch 14, 2010


i have 2 lucky bamboo cuttings, successfully rooted, but no new leaves have sprouted. its been about 2 months and the new roots seem healthy. it is in a south window, with mostly cloudy skies most of the time, sometimes it gets full sun. anyone know why there are no new leaves or when there will be some?


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It will take a few months to see the sprouts. If your cutting has roots, that is a good sign that your project is going in a successful direction!

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here a good rule of thumb the longer the roots get the more leaves you will see i have over 160 of these things and i propagate them and they will need to go in soil soon...when the plant get leafy and strong long roots. if you lave them in water they will get yellow and die. all living plants need soil not just water even water bog plants gets gunk lol.

good luck

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