Newbie: Tips for first time Casablanca bulb planting?

sirionAugust 3, 2006

I want to plant some Casablanca lily bulbs, so that I may cut them at various times and give them to the SO. I live in Los Angeles, and have sandy soil around my property at different degrees of sunniness and facing different cardinal directions, mostly directly against one wall or another. What should I know?

(Looks like I'm going to order them from Scheepers, though I don't know when I should place the order)

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If your going to be cutting them. usually they won't rebloom the next year.

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I think fivemeows is somewhat in error. I am in upper NY zone 4a so you have to treat Lilies differently than I do. First of all Lilies are quite strong plants. BUT they can not take being totally water logged for a long period of time. Planting them next to a wall MAY keep them water logged from your roof run-off if it rains a lot. And you get rain. I'd plant them somewhere besides right next to the wall.
Second, Lilies being like Tulips and DAFFodils NEED to be frozen for a wintering period to regrow each year. You will need to dig them up after the foliage turns brown and place in a non-growing substance like sawdust then put them in the freezer for 6-8 weeks. 12 weeks if you like. Then you can replant them outside they will regrow. being in the snow country I don't have to dig mine up. But you can leave DAHLIAS outside all year where I can not.

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mac_girl_81(10 - ENCINO, CA)

Question: where should i freeze it? in a regular freezer (the one that we make ice) or regular refrigerator?

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