Lucky Bamboo - switch from water to soil -- unsuccessful :(

gigadeleoMarch 20, 2012

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my not-so-lucky bamboo problem.

My bamboos have been thriving & growing in water for a couple of years. I've recently tried to re-pot in soil, none of the three attempts worked. Every time I do this, the stalk turns yellow and mushy, the bamboo dies off in less than 2 weeks.

Evidently I'm doing something inherently wrong, but I have no clue what it might be. Can anyone provide me with some guidelines on the initial process for potting bamboos in soil?

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I am curious about this also. Please can anyone answer?

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Lucky Bamboo that have spent their whole lives in water may reject soil. Not sure why. Also, my experience is that healthy plants make this transition better than distressed plants. If you want to grow in soil you may want to start with new individual stalks that have not spent years in a rock and water arangement.

Make sure you use a container that drains. Start by packing potting soil(I use Miracle Grow Moisture Control) in the bottom of the container leaving about 3.5 inches of space to the top. Set your plants root system on top of this layer. Do not push the root system into the soil. This will make the roots point up. Roots want to grow down. Then pack another 3 inches or so of soil on top of the root system. Lucky Bamboo like packed soil. Keep the soil moist but not saturated with water for extended periods of time. Some drops of Green Green fertilizer may help. Sand helps drainage as well as a layer of rocks at the bottom.

Good Luck

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This is how I introduce my luck bamboo to not use the soil that has the fertilizer already in there also for the next few weeks I add about a hand full of plain potting soil to a pot with rocks on bottom let it float if it want to on tp of the water i know it looks nasty fo a while but it gets use to it better and your going to use this same soil to re-pot in a clay pot.

keep them damp after you get them potted up until you finish adding the soil add the rocks for good drainage and make sure that when you water it runs out the bottom and keep soil damp but not standing in water. It will turn yellow or rot.also the curly bamboo is for me harder to take to soil than the straight stalk. do not plant to deep either. do not fertilizer but once a month with urea free fertilizer.

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I have successfully transplanted water-grown plants into soil twice without problems. i have also rooted rootless shoots in soil easily. I just keep the soil moist.

They do not seem to care what they're in, either. One of mine is in dirt from the yard (clay and silt, really) and another is in Miracle Grow Cactus soil. Both grow equally well and both came from water. One was bought in an arrangement and immediately put in soil. The other grew in an aquarium for 3 months before potting up. Just keep them damp and mine do fine.

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Thank you for the answers, I too have this problem with my bamboo. It's been about a week since I switch it from water to soil and I noticed some of the leaves turned yellow.
I don't want it to die, would you guys advice to move it back to water?

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