Lucky Bamboo Stalks

feathersiteMarch 8, 2010

I have 2 Lucky Bamboo's but they are very long w/just a few leaves at the top. My question is will leaves ever reemerge from the stalks and if not what should I do to get a bushier plater? Sandi

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You would have to cut the stalks back to see if the shoots will sprout. You may want to look at some photos online to see what they look like cut back. You will see how the shoots occur right by the cuts. The parts you cut off can be rerooted.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My lucky bamboo has white sticks that look like roots but they are thicker towards the middle of the stalk and this part is under water could it be roots or new leafs?

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O.K. Heres a new odd question....I had a 4 tear bamboo plant and the stalks started turning white but the leaves are green and then it rots but the leaves continue to stay green on most of them very odd also the roots were fine.
I checked for insects it did not have any so I just propagated the ones I could and sanitized them and have them in my rooting vase.
Has this ever happened to anyone? It was different even pretty but they would not stay that way. Also let me add the stalks were firm and not wrinkled or different than a green one it just turned white and died not a thing was done different than had been done all the past years.

Bye for now

weird huh? Oh it was around 4-6 years old BTW

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