Spathiphyllum Repotting - and drooping

persifoniAugust 19, 2007

I have a new peace lilly in its original plastic pot from the nursery - she is drooping today - I watered her but still drooping - should I give more water??

Also, I need to repot her - is potting plants directly into a ceramic ornamental pot (with a drainage hole drilled by the company) acceptable and safe for the plant? I cannot find a plastic pot that is bigger and yet fits properly into the ceramic - also have a beautiful Italian clay pot for ornamental use - however, was thinking of repotting her in this as clay will breathe, correct?

Question: Should I place shards of clay over the drainage hole before filling with Miracle Grow potting soil?

Thank you for your help - please, I do not want her to die - she is so beautiful and I am trying to do the right thing. Appreciate any help.

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tjsangel(z5 OH)


Your peace lily is probably trying to adjust to your home. It might also be potbound. I'd go with a plastic pot, just because this plant loves moisture, and you'd have to keep a close eye on it in a clay pot. They like to be moist just a slight drying out before a drink again. You dont need anything at the bottom as long as you have decent potting soil. They also like morning sun, at least a little to bloom. Good luck,


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