asiatic & orientals planted together OK and how many?

tess_2008August 15, 2008

I'm wondering if there would be any problem with planting asiatics and orientals all together in the same spot. I'm wanting to put a variety of pinks clumped all the way down the drive and was thinking I'd like to spread out the blooming time.

I'm thinking that many orientals bloom later than asiatics (zone 5) and thought I'd just put like colors of both in the same spots.

Are there drawbacks to this approach?

Also, I've never done a lot of lilies before and hope to plant several hundred this fall (hopefully). I know they look great in mass, but is interspersed in a mixed border in clumps of 10 possibly pleasing? Conversely, is 20 too many per spot (10 asiatic 10 oriental)? It is about a 300 foot by 20 foot deep span of a drive that I'm going down and I don't know if 10 per spot is a decent number - or will that simply be swallowed up? I want them to be visible as you look down the lane.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

Sounds fabulous.
Where I am the deer would absolutely love the smorgasbord.
Most bulbs require a distance of about 1 foot apart in all directions so you don't have to split, hence dig them too soon.
As lilies don't last that long, I think I would put something that blooms for a long time in front as an accent like tickseed (coreopsis) for example.
Good luck and have fun digging.

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LOL. I did not know that they would like my lilies! Oh, good heavens, why not. Hosta/lily salad with a little red twig dogwood for fiber! Actually this year we limbed up our windbreak and reduced our deer feeders substantially.

But back to the lilies. Do the deer like the orientals and asiatics equally?

I am very excited about my mixed border project. I have a drive cut into a hill so I have hill on both sides. On the top side I have old gold junipers stepping down to red twig dogwoods then down to autumn joy sedum and crimsom barberry followed by hostas at the bottom. On the portion of the drive before the hill, the drive slopes down on both sides (instead of up the hillsudes) and I have again placed the dogwood on the far outside, but this time it is at the lowest elevation (though still the fartherest out) (whereas before it was at the highest elevation and fartherest out). Stepping back into the drive I have weigela and barberry and sedum and finally blue star junipers and dwarf global arborvitaes lining the drive. I am hoping to put the lilies on the outside near the dogwoods the whole length with a mass planting at the very beginning and midpoints. I am very excited, but am trying to OK with the fact that if they don't look good in this placement, that I could eventually move them.

1 foot in all directions? Really! Will it take long for that to fill in? Oh, the digging! It should be fun. Every night then until next spring/summer I will be envisioning the results. That gets me through winter!
Thanks for the advice.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Deer out has worked wonders to keep the deer off my plants.I live surrounded by woods and we have a huge herd of deer. I have only sprayed 3 times this summer. Guess the deer dont like peppermint & garlic.

Hope you will post pictures when your Lilies bloom. Would love to see it.

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