Purple Hull Peas not purple

mfisch2001(7)August 10, 2009

My question is whether the cause is environmental or did I end up with genetic throwback peas.

I purchased Purple hull seeds several years ago and have been saving pods to plant the next year. I have not planted any other pea(bean). This year most of the pods never turn purple - most just turn yellow, or yellow with a slight purple blush and the beans are green or cream color with very little eye. Some are crowders and others are not. The few that do turn purple have pinkish brown beans with a pronounced eye. The plants with purple pods were planted and all the others are volunteers from pods that were tossed on the ground last year ( because the didn't turn, or dried on the plant). The true purple hulls are in a new section of the garden so the soil conditions are different.

Do I have a nutrient deficiency or are the volunteers crossbreeds/genetic throwbacks?

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My guess would be genetic throwbacks. When you save hybrid seed it will often revert back to the original variety. If you want to save seeds use heritage seeds. They will come true to form. With hybrid seeds it's a crap shoot, you may get what you are looking for but more likely will not

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The peas did not do well last year due to the drought and I assumed the yellow pods were due to lack of water. They did not taste as good as the purple pods and I assumed they were immature and tossed them in the garden and compost pile. This year you cannot even see the ground between the rows in the garden, peas are growing everywhere.

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Are pink-eyed purple hulls a hybrid? I planted them for the first time this year and I am getting a few pods like those described, i.e. yellowish with a slight purple tint, though most are the normal dark purple. I started getting the odd pods after we had a very hot dry spell and I figured maybe they were just sun burned or something.

I thought I had read here about folks saving these seeds, which would imply they are stable and not a hybrid.


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Pink eye purple hulls are not hybrids, However they do cross pollinate and absolutely pure seed is difficult to find. Many of the older types are more vigorous and will prevail as volunteers. Southern peas unlike beans cross pollinate readily, but it too difficlt to control cross polination for seed production, so there are no commercial hybrids.

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