What water to use on lucky bamboo

JackJoe1March 2, 2014

I bought lucky bamboo today. And I have spent all night researching on how to look after them. It says to leave the water in a glass for 24 hours. So I have been doing that. But it says that some water contains fluoride and this doesn't get rid of it. So if my plant stars to die from this (if I have it in my water) which bottled water do I use? Evian? Buxton? Or rain water? And what if it doesn't rain then what? Please help.

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use distilled water. if you are using any kind of municipal water you almost certainly have fluoride and many other interesting/terrifying things in the water.

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I use spring but distilled works 2 :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Bottled drinking water could be tap water. Distilled is much less expensive (and no fear of anything unknown in it) if there's no rain. Spring water has come from the ground somewhere, and may or may not have minerals that plants may or may not like. Condensate from an A/C or dehumidifier is free of impurities.

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I bought 2 lucky bamboo plants from Walmart after liking them so much at a Chinese restaurant...so far I'm using distilled water, I hope it's the right thing to do...

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This is great - I found a use for the water in my dehumidifier. I will change the water first thing tonight when I get home.


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