How do i introduce lucky bamboo with soil?

plant_junkie(6)March 26, 2010

Lucky bamboo, meet soil. Soil, meet lucky bamboo lol. I have heard they grow well in soil and I am also aware of having to get it used to being in soil. How do i go about doing that? Do I slowly add soil to the pot full of water or just stuff it into dirt and cross my finger?


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Stick it in dirt and uncross your finger . Don't make it anymore complicated than it really is , LOL .

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what kind of soil should i use to plant lb in?

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I moved my two lucky bamboo plants from water to an 11" (I think) pot of Syngoniums (reg soil and perlite) where the soil is always moist and had no problems at all with the move. I did cut the long roots back that where in water to about an inch before planting in soil.

Billy Rae

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