Lucky bamboo not so lucky (black roots)

tractatusMarch 20, 2009

Hi. Got a sick Lucky Bamboo (2 stalks). The top of one section of one of the stalks is yellow/white, and drying out, with streaks of black. Other than that, both stalks are green, with healthy green leaves. But the roots are black and brown.

The problems started after I repotted the plant. It was in a small glass jar with pebbles, which I transferred to a larger glass jar with pebbles and red (dyed) sand. When I finally decided to change the water, the whole thing smelled absolutely horrible! I rinsed the rocks, the roots and washed the stalks, changed the water, and removed the sand. Some of the smell remains.

My question is: is this good for the garbage, despite that 90% of the plant looks good and green, or can the roots grow white again?

Also, is it possible to grow in a glass container? I know you're not supposed to, but I like the container, and there's enough pebbles to cover most if not all of the roots, plus its 20' from a window. The previous container was also glass, water and pebbles, and it did very well for months til I transpotted.

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Growing bamboo in clear glass may allow more algae and other things you don't want to develop in the water. Otherwise, it is fine. I have heard of people growing the plants in fish tanks and other clear containers. You may have to take more steps to keep the water clean.

If the top of the stalk is yellow, you can cut that part off. This will stop the spread if the stalk is dying. It may be just overexposed in that area. If you do not wish to cut it off, you can see if the yellow is continuing to spread down the stalk. If not, it can be ok to leave it. If it looks better without it, they why not?

The black roots do not sound good. If the roots are red, that is ok. Black roots mean the plant is dying. There is some opportunity for the plant to regrow the roots.

Your last option, if you think the top and the bottom of the plants are rotting, is to cut the plant up. You can cut the healthy part of the stems into sections, dip the sections into root hormone, and place them into soil or water to root!

Here is a link that might be useful: See the root color?

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