Lucky Bamboo leaves yellowing

AlecWingerMarch 25, 2013

So I am new to planting, and I purchased a Lucky Bamboo four days ago. Since then many of the leaves have turned yellow and droopy. The plant is currently in soil and I water it with distilled water every few days. It is in a place where it gets maybe an hour or two of direct sunlight but gets indirect sunlight for the majority of the day. Also, should I submerge the bottom of the pot in water? Because I have been told that Lucky Bamboos like that.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Too much water. If you have had it four days, you should have watered at most once, if that, if it's in soil. Good re: distilled water, though! :-)

I'd also suggest to get it out of any direct sunlight. I keep mine about 25 feet from the south facing window in med to low light.

If it's in the original pot, carefully lift it out and see how wet it is. I'd suspect it's sopping wet.

And no on the submerging in water! I don't know if that is common practice with this plant grown in water but I maybe take a kitchen shower hose to mine for a quick "shower" lest there be any dust, etc. once every 3 months (?) if that while watering. Otherwise, I try not to even water the leaves when I water.

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I just notice today that tips of my leaves are yellow and brown like it dying andiI have have stalks die on me before but for some reason this hasn't until now is winter were I am the temps change from thing to next one we are in freezing weather next day it is 70 now my plant is inside sitting on table next to a window either it getting to cold or hot or I not pay not enough attention like I should but I do open the blinds for light but it is to much light I give drinking water but not from the sink bottled always. Tap can kill bamboo that is what I heard is that still true??? Why are the tips of the leaves turning Yukie but nothing else?? Help please!

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They are probably the first thing the cold reaches and yes tap can hurt your plant

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