lb dead at tip?

sarawr88May 13, 2013

My little sister bought me a lb. But the tips are brown, is this ok, or is something wrong?

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Well I dumped out the water crystals and took the glued rocks out, to find white slim that smelled horrible. I rinsed the roots off as good as I could (they were red) and put it in soil mixed with sand..... figured I would check on the roots in a few days or so.
Still do not know why the tips are brown, maybe where it got cut?
Should I cont. To keep it in the soil or put it back in the water to help the roots out?

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I think it is missing magnesiam. Both stalks are yellowing so it looks like it could use some fertilizer. Do research on internet or go to Youtube and write in Lucky bamboo.


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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Sarawr, how is your lucky bamboo doing since potted? Can you post more pics of it?
And yes, I think some fertilizer would help it, and some magnesium, as Nancy said.

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The tip is from being in bad water smelly water. Always set the water out and use the next day. It will not kill it, as for as fertilizer I use a diluted part of my pre mixed miracle grow. Once a month a few drops 2--3 for a small one. Hope this helps.

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