Lucky bamboo in cactus soil?

mesopogi92(6)May 22, 2011

Im planning on transfering all of my lucky bamboo plants to soil...

I'm planning on putting them in cactus soil.

Is this a good idea?

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gardengal_co(z5 CO)

You can plant Lucky Bamboo in regular potting soil. Lucky Bamboo is not really bamboo it is a Dracena... which is a typical houseplant. Potting in soil will increase the life span of your Bamboo and it will have more foliage. Once it is in soil you will treat it just like a houseplant.. allow the top 1/3 rd of the soil to go dry, water thoroughly and repeat. Your pot should have drainage. Low light. If you want to give the plant the appearance of being in water.. put rocks on the top of the soil. Enjoy.

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