Pale leaves on LB

suec1211June 6, 2008

My LB is gorgeous and growing well, but the leaves are much paler now than when I got it 6 months ago. I have read the posts about using spring water. Will that help my problem? I thought it was getting too much light and moved it into the kitchen where there are no windows and only artificial light, but it's been there a month with no change. Should I move it? Should I replace all of the water? I do notice that there is a mineral buildup at the water line and it flakes right off. Help???!!!

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Pale leaves is most likely a sign of lack of light. You can move it to a place with more sun (a little at a time so that it does not get burnt) if you think it is too pale.

If you are using water with chemicals (chlorine, floride or salts) it is best to replace the water with spring water.

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Add several drop liquid iron may help

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