Physically bending crowns (leafy stems)

pixiefairy1981June 4, 2010

Hello. I have had a heart-shaped lucky bamboo plant for several years. There are the original stalks, and then there are three growths from these stalks, which I have read are "crowns" which grow the leaves. These crowns are getting rather tall. I have read about encouraging bending of the stalks through sunlight, since they grow towards light, but I am curious about actually taking the tall leafy crowns and physically wrapping/bending them around the stalks so they are shorter and using some type of twist tie to keep them in place. Will this do any harm to the plant?

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You can gently shape them but be careful because just a little too much force will snap them.

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now I personaly cut mine back to the size i like it dont hurt the bamboo at all but make sure they are in dirt.
let me know how you come out and good luck

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my bamboos are 170 cm, their crown is very long that they are bending . what shall i do ? Don't wanna cut them coz love the way they look but they are becoming too heavy on the vase , which i changed many times to bigger and taller ones.


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