flower? Root? Leaf?

ck5585(6)June 30, 2013

Hi, I have been lurking for several months. Now finally came a point where I have a question regarding my "lucky bamboo". I bought this on a clearance rack several years ago when it was half dead and about 4 inches tall. Since then I repotted it in some fast draining soil. It has since reached about 3-3 1/2 feet tall. The other day as I was admiring the growth, I noticed a little nodule growing from the side of one of the stalks. It is growing very slowly compared to the leaf growth. I am just curios as to what it may be.

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Here is a picture of the nodule

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growth of a secondary branch coming from the main stalk maybe? Keep me posted I would like to see what it turns into!

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

So you potted it and it did well. My kids have lucky bamboos, one each and they are growing so well, I guess they like it in our home. I was thinking about potting them but I have read that others' potted lucky bamboos died after potting. What would be your advice?
Thank you.


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Avery, Thank you! I will keep you updated. Not much growth as of yet.

Sago, when I bought mine it was in rocks and water. I was changing water every few days since my cats were knocking it over. I got tired of that and potted it in about 75% perlite and 25% cactus soil since that was all I had available at the time. It took off growing within weeks. I had it growing in a south, south west facing window. Because I picked it up off a clearance rack I wasn't too worried that it would make it. I actually had my parents pot theirs in soil a few weeks ago and theirs is starting to take off too. Theirs has been in water for years. If it were mine, if they stalks were healthy I would maybe try potting one in soil and see how it turns out. I wouldn't want the kids to be upset if both went downhill after potting them. Maybe take the larger one if there is one. Just a thought!

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

They are both the same size, it seems they grow at the same rate although they are kept in different rooms. I will take some pic today and post them here.
Thanks so much for the advice ck5585!

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Hi, now what you have there is a is a new shoot. Once it grows about 10-15 cm you can cut it of to create a new lucky bamboo plant. To make the shoot grow faster spray the plant with FILTERED water.

Good Luck!

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