Suffering Lucky Bamboo

sisleJune 9, 2014

Hello! I am hoping someone can give me some advice on my lucky bamboo! it is 6 years old and has always been in water never soil. about 9 months ago I had to leave the bamboo w a family member until I had a new house where I could keep it. Sadly the family member is not plant friendly and when I got the plant back it had a rag stuffed into the vase to help hold it up and it was covered in black and yellow mold. I have a new vase for it and change the water every other day. I have to change the water this often or it gets a film on top of the water and it smells horrible. It has kind of gone wild and no longer grows straight up. It has a lot of yellow leaves and 2 of the tops of the stalks are black. I use only filtered water never tap water and it gets lots of indirect light. My question is, how can I bring the plant back. the leaves are still alive they are not quite dead yet. Is there any tricks that can help and also can I trim back the roots? I fear I am not getting all the slimy mold that was on them. Any help is appreciated I really don't want to lose my bamboo!!! Thank you!

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I would cut off the tops down to where it starts getting yellow and put them in water. I have done that and they will re-root in a few weeks. They will do fine as long as you get all the yuck cut away.
Christine time you may want to post over in the houseplant section, theres alot more action over there...

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Jamie Pletz Seigworth

Your dog looks pretty upset too....

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