Dug lily bulbs up..now what?

rodco(zone 5)September 19, 2013

I am reconstructing a garden bed and had several lily plants that were out of place, so I dug them up.
Some of the stems came out of the bulbs and some didn't. What should I do?
Replant the lily bulbs now?
Store them over winter and plant them in the Spring?
Should I remove the stem from the bulb?
Some have the skins peeling off..will this hurt?

I live in Pittsburgh..zone 6

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That's a clump of bulbs, probably resulting from having been in the ground for a period of years. I'd just separate them (you won't hurt them by doing this, even if a scale or two beaks off in the process), leaving whatever stems are still intact, and replant/relocate them where wanted fairly soon. They look like good sized, healthy bulbs with a nice root system.

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