Help! Stem turning yellow

weetoots(11)June 1, 2008

These have been doing great for a long time. Now the stems

are turning yellow. What do I do to fix it?



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There are a lot of reasons a lucky bamboo may start to yellow. Too much fertilizer, chemicals in the water, a change in environment (air conditioner, too much sun, etc.). Take a look at this message string to see if you can find anything that helps you:

Here is a link that might be useful: Why Is Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow?

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Thanks. I drained the tap water and put some distilled in.

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You are welcome! Let us know if your plant improves!

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I have had a 5 stem lucky bamboo for about a year with no problems. I only use distilled water. Over the last 1-2 weeks, one of the stems has started turning yellow from the tip and is working its way down, but the leaves on that stem are completely green and healthy looking. One thing of note is that I accidently forgot to water it for about 4-6 weeks and it was dry as a bone when I added more distilled water. It was a few days after adding water again that the yellow starting happening on the one stem. Anyone know why this would be happening and what I can do to stop it? Can the yellowing be reversed or is this section of the stem gone at this point? Thanks!

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If you have ruled out the water, fertilizer and excess light/sun, perhaps the long dry period was a bit much for the plant. Are there any signs of a pathogen going to work on the stem such as moldy or sticky areas? Are there white marks anywhere on the plant? Does the stalk appear to be wrinkling or getting mushy?

Sometimes a stalk simply starts to die. It usually turns yellow from the leaves and top down when this happens though. If so, you may want to remove the yellowed stem and replace it with another healthy stem.

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My Plant stalk appear to be wrinkling and getting mushy. The whole plant is yellow except for 2 to 3 inches of roots. How to save my lucky bamboo

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I've just changed the water to distilled. I think I have caught it in enough time to save it. The tip of one of my 4 stalks began to turn yellow. Is it expected to turn back to green? Or should I cut the yellow portion off?

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You know I been growing these plants all types sense they came out and sometimes I just wonder if they just get old and die because I have some in water, some in soil ad some arranged type kind from 3 inch to some up to 8 foot. and I ave never saw one of my curly ones only last for around 4-5 years what do you all think? I have ruled out soil, and in water to long I just think there life span has different years to live.
Just a thought. I wondered how old some of you other posters hum is that a correct way to say that? anyway I just thought it would be nice to see how long they live from the time before it dies from the time you bought it if healthy then just turn yellow or fall over. To me the curly ones do not live as long. Just my opinion.

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Other peoplw talk of the stem going yellow from the top down. Mine has gone yellow from the bottom up. Only the top 3 inches or so looks 'normal'. What can I do??

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

I know this is an old thread, buy I have the same question about the stem turning yellow, and this after only 1 week of having them. Used only bottled water, they weren't placed in direct sun but rather in shade, leaves are strong and green. What could it be? Can they be saved? Would they be better potted? They are currently in water in their little ceramic vases they came in.

I would upload some pics but I only have 1 place to input the URL link into the message.

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I visited an Asian store and the seller said to cut off the yellow part and restart in fresh water.
See Youtube for instructions.

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I have struggled with keeping my lucky bamboo stalks in the condition I got them in. Unfortunately I didn't find any real explanation on the internet, or even on this forum as to why the stems began turning yellow suddenly. I had the stalks for a year at this point and they had all been doing great. They were always kept in the same spot, it wasn't too cold (I live in San Diego), and I always gave them only a couple inches of purified water (the bamboo does not need a lot of water this is a lot of people's mistake).
I have had stalks that turn yellow at the top, at the bottom, and on the leaves. My best advice is this: purified water is great for them, (i think it would be fine with regular water too it may get some added nutrients this way,you can fluctuate the watering routine). I recently started setting a glass of water out over night so the chlorine would evaporate (there's always going to be chlorine in our water, even some bottled water). When leaves get yellow its probably better to leave them on until they get dry but I normally do pluck some off just because I get sick of looking at them. If the stalks start getting yellow at the top use a razor blade and cut off yellow part and tiny bit of green part (this has worked for me and the stem stayed green). I have tried to cut off yellow from the bottom and sometimes those live. I am giving them fertilizer from time to time.
One day I finally realized why multiply bamboo stalks were turning yellow suddenly? It was because the water was gross, and dirty. I never emptied it, just kept putting more water in each time; even though the water was used up almost to the bottom each time before I put fresh water in, it was still getting stale. I lost about 5 stalks up to this point, as soon as I changed the water the stalks stopped getting yellow. I don't have pebbles in some of my bamboo stalk displays, so it's easy to drain out old water. Maybe pebbles possibly help the water not get so gross.
I have been growing lucky bamboo stalks (really called Dracaena sanderiana or Dracaena braunii) now for about 6 years and I have had one specific display now for about 4 years and it continues to do good. I have 8 different displays in my home some are 3' straight long stalks, others short stalks. I have twisted stalks and curly stalks. They are so beautiful and take such little room. Don't put in direct sunlight. Low light or bright light is best (although with bright light I have noticed the leaves turn more yellowish green-still healthy leaves. Bathrooms and darker areas in home where plants normally die from lack of light are great for lucky bamboo displays. Hope this information will be useful to people who are having trouble growing these..

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