Indoor Gardenia

Yakub268December 29, 2013

I have to Gardenia trees that I have in side under some 6 CFL bulbs that are 1600 lumens and true white. The lamp has some foil to help direct the light and each bulb is about 12 in above the plant.
(Haven't gotten around to buying the florescent tube ones so for now this is what I have.)

The problem is that the gardenias are not full and compact like others I have seen. I have tried fert, repotting, I might make a indoor makeshift greenhouse with a humidifier.

Everything seems to be growing so slow, any help will be appreciated:)
Or if anyone has a cheap solution to grow lights...?

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Hi Yakub and welcome to GardenWeb!

Let me start by saying that IâÂÂve never grown Gardenias (indoors or out). I am however fairly familiar with lighting, so maybe I can be of some help anyway. You didnâÂÂt mention the size of your plants, which of course would make a big difference in the lighting required. Also, are you just trying to keep them alive until the weather warms when they can be put outside. Or, are you wanting to keep them indoors (as a house plant) as well as wanting them to bloom indoors.


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