please help my little lilly...

plantkillerSeptember 18, 2007

Ok, just let me start off by explaining my user name. I can grow anything, I don't know anything about anything but if I stick it in the ground right side up, it grows. This has been the case as long as I can remember and suddenly, this year, all my plants died. I must have planted 40 in pots and 40 in the ground and of them the following made it:

1. unidentified wildflower, much the worse for wear right now

2. random volunteer sunflowers (2)

3. random volunteer pumpkins (about 14 plants from a pumpkin I composted about 3 years ago)

4. parsley

5. basil

everything else died. Seriously? this year I KILLED DILL! I KILLED FRICKIN CAT-NIP AND MINT PLANTS!

anyway, I have this gorgeous little $7.99 lily-lookin' thing that I picked up at Safeway (when I have a bad day I buy the first plant I see) and it happens to be my all time favourite plant. I love this thing. It brightens my day. It is Orange, looks like a tiger lily, currently very small (10"-12") she had called it a lily hybrid about which I know nothing.

So, it gets great soil, water once a week, sits in a window sill... all my other plants are exstatic with this treatment and I have to transplant them pretty much monthly, this wonderful little plant showed tinges of yellow on the leaves yesterday, today its almost completely yellow!!!! HELP! its my favourite!

so, was happy in the window sill for the last (and hottest) 2 months of summer while receiving the same treatment....

too cold? too hot? a chicken-bone hex perhaps? did a sneaky neighbour cat stealth in and pee on it while I was at work? why is my wonderful little plant dying? :(

-if I posted this in the wrong spot I apologise... I looked and looked for an appropriate forum but alas, I am new to the site and have no sense of direction yet...

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See post WHAT NOW below

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