dying lucky bamboo

Puchinita5July 13, 2014

A girl I work with asked me to watch a bunch of her plants while she is away for a few weeks. All of her plants are doing fine except for a lucky bamboo she gave me.

It was actually two lucky bamboo, about 3-4 feet tall and it curves into a spiral at the top with a shoot of leaves coming out at the top if both plants. There is also a shoot of leaves coming out of the very base of each plant as well.

When I received the lucky bamboo, one was green and healthy, the other was completely yellow except for about 1 inch above the root as well as the bottom shoot of leaves which are green. But 1 inch out of the 3 or 4 feet that is this plant is not much green!

I noticed they barely had water in the giant vase she put them in, so I filled it with filtered water and put the plant in an area without direct sunlight since I figured the yellow meant it was getting too much sunlight.

Now, the yellow bamboo is brown and mushy in certain parts. The bottom green part is still there, but so much seems to have rotted. The top shoot of leaves which used to be yellow but still a healthy yellow are now wilted too.

I'm wondering if there is anything I could do. If it were my plant I would probably just throw it away or maybe just save the little green part and see if that keeps growing. But since it is NOT my plant, I feel awkward having to tell her it is doing so poorly.

Is there anything I could do to save this plant? Or is it pretty much done for?

If it was completely yellow when I got it except for the little green part at the bottom, was it already dying? Or did I kill it somehow?

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Sounds to me like she gave you dying lucky bamboo, the mushy one is a goner. I would throw away the other one also. Go out and buy her a new plant, they dont cost that much and you'll make her happy. Taking care of someones plants is a hard job, its like leaving your pets with someone :>)

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