Just A Few Questions About My Bamboo (Pictures)

janelle27nAugust 26, 2009

I had a bamboo plant (3 stalks) for about 2.5 years now, and it just started to turn yellow on me, but only one stalk, so i removed the bad stalk on that one, the other 2 seem to be doing just fine as of now.

I bought a new one as of yesterday (Aug 26, 2009)

and i been searching on the net to see just how to care for them, and i have been getting ALOT of different things pointed at me..

* I understand that they are hardy plants which dont like to be fussed with to much..

* I know they like destilled water over tap or spring

* I also know that you have clean/change the water and rocks in order for it to stay free of bacteria

My Questions Are However :

1. How often should you give it water? (once a week, 2 times a month?) - im totally confused!!

2. How often should you change/clean the rocks?

3. How much food should you give it, and when?

please let me know! like i said i have been reading alot of things online.. and im not sure what one to follow, please help

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1. How often should you give it water?
If you see the water level going down, top it back off. Make sure there is at least an inch of water from the bottom of the canes. Don't ever let the water go dry if you keep the plant in water and rocks only. It needs a change of water every week. However, some members have written that they don't do it that often at all.

2. How often should you change/clean the rocks?
You do not need to change the rocks. After an incident of yellowing where a stalk has to be removed, it is a good idea to clean the rocks however. Rinse the rocks, the container and the roots of the remaining bamboo and then put the arrangement back together.

If something goes wrong with the water, it is also a good idea to clean everything out. I kept finding my rocks were a bit slimy and had to be cleaned more often than I would have liked. That is one of the reasons I replanted mine into soil.

3. How much food should you give it, and when?
Because you just had an incident of yellowing, and your plant seems new, don't fertilize it for a couple of weeks. Sometimes yellowing is a sign of over-fertilization. Otherwise fertilize your lucky bamboo in water every couple of months. I read using a water-soluble fertilizer, diluted to tenth of the normal strength is best. You can do this when you change the water.

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Watering: If the chlorine content in your water is very high, please use filtered or bottled water. If you keep lucky bamboo in a vase, donÂt fill itto the top as you do with flowers. lucky bamboo grows roots wherever water contacts it so a higher water level will sprout roots further up the stem than is attractive.

Cleaning Rocks:Keep the rocks covered with water. Replace water once in awhile by taking your arrangement apart and rinsing the rocks, container, and the lucky bamboo roots; then reassemble it. This is a little extra work but necessary for the health of your lucky bamboo!

Food: Make sure to use a gentle fertilizer for sensitive plants. You can use it each time you change the water.

Good Luck!

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

I found it better to plant these plants in soil, after I did that they grew out of control.

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what kind of soil should i use? i tried having some a year ago in water and rock and it died. so what kind of soil should i use?

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i use all purpose soil for most house plants and you dont have to water it just until it is somewhat dry i always plant mine because after 2 years they going to die with no soil.I have 50 swirls and 40 straight ones and a 5 ft. and trust me in water for a while is OK if you have small roots, but pot it up.

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