Fordhook 242 Lima Bean questions

SortaOrganic(7)August 9, 2014

Our Fordhooks have been blooming for well over a month, and the plants are still covered with blooms. We have pods in the 2 1/2 to 3" range, but the beans themselves don't seem to be filling out very well. Is it common for them to mature this slowly?

We planted one row about 3 years ago with dismal results, with the exception of the plants on either end of the row which were able to support themselves on the fence. The unsupported plants in the middle of the row all fell over when they reached about 12" in height. This year we supported each plant from a horizontal wire at about 42". This worked very well as most plants are approaching 3 1/2' in height. We are not having any trouble setting fruit, just curious why the pods are so slow to fill out. Any thoughts or information will be greatly appreciated.

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As long as the pods are healthy and not turning yellow and falling off you should be ok. Limas are slow and Fordhooks are slower than smaller types. 3.5 foot vines are extraordinary and I thought about excess nitrogen, but if pods are setting !

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farmerdill, Thanks for the reply, waiting for the beans to form in the pod is worse than watching the grass grow! Last item in the garden this year, so there is nothing else for us to focus our attention on. Hopefully you can see, the 4' mark on the tape measure.The plants are covered in blooms from top to bottom. We double checked the planting date which was 6-8. I guess we need to have a little patience......

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