Is it too late to plant McCaslan for fall?

Christi62(7b)August 31, 2011

I didn't get any good green beans this summer, it was so hot so early that the plants did not even flower - I was wondering if anyone has experience with McCaslan green beans and if it is too late to plant some for fall. I'm in middle GA. Thanks!

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I can't answer your question, but I got NO beans of any kind this year, including the ones from Native Seed. No bush beans, no pole beans,nada. You are not alone.

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Sorry you got no beans! The only ones that have produced for me so far are Rattlesnake pole beans. Planted Florida speckled butter beans at the same time and they are just now starting to flower. Planted the McCaslan today, who knows? Maybe I'll have green beans by Thanksgiving . . .

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Christi62, when I saw your post that the speckled BB are just now starting to flower I have a question for you. Lima beans are much more heat tolerate and actually do rather well in the heat were as the common beans like it cooler. If you planted them both at the same time I would quess that was late may? or early June. If so Commom beans need to be planted about a week after average last frost date which for you I would quess is first week of April so the common beans should be in the ground by 15 April with harvest for bush types in May and pole types in early June. The plants will be done with by July. The limas like good warm soil and can be planted early to mid May with first crop first of Aug and secound crop mid to late Sept. and with luck a third crop late Oct early Nov. I have always known that common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) Like cool nights and warm days and will not produce well when night temps exceed 70deg. The past two years have proved this bite of wisdom. I plant dozens of varieties of beans,Phaseolus vulgaris. The ones that are in the ground by mid April produce a bountiful crop the ones that are planted later will normaly only produce a small crop but with weather like the past two summers, I have had little to no production for beans planted in May .
So to have a crop of beans they must be planted as soon as the soil is warmed in early spring. For us in the south we can do two crops a spring and a fall. Plant fall beans end of July thru end of Aug for pole types and mid Aug till mid Sept for bush types. Bush beans take about 4 weeks on average and pole types take 6weeks. Plant limas (Phaseolus lunatus) a couple of weeks later for you mid to late April or by mid May at the latest for harvest begining in late July till frost. I have pictures of several varieties of beans posted on my website. As of today only the limas are still producing the commom beans all died in Mid July and I still have not harvested all the seed yet. I will post some more pictures of the seed as they are harvested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beans

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Thanks Rodger, lots of good info, love your website. Actually I planted the common beans in April, but the butter beans the first of June. Will try to be patient and hope they decide to make beans

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