Ceramic Metal Halide Questions

gnomicoDecember 11, 2008

I am interested in buying a ceramic metal halide lamp. I am confused about the vertical versus horizontal. I currently have an HPS lamp with the reflector hanging from the ceiling with the bulb parallel to the ceiling/floor. Is this vertical or horizontal? Also, my ballast is a 400 watt magnetic HPS. Do I need anything else to use the Philips HPS CMH bulb? Thanks in advance.

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Your lamp is horizontal and that is a problem with CMH finding
one designed for horizontal. For gardening, horizontal is the best choice of lamp. I doubt the CMH lamp will grow any better than an HPS, but the CMH will be prettier to look at (has better color rendition). I found that getting a horizontal CMH lamp is difficult, and kind of pricey, so I never actually went down that route. Do not attempt unless you are sure this is a lamp designed for horizontal, and only if you have spare money that you don't mind wasting.

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