help? is this rust (pic)

linda0210August 27, 2007

I'm in Massachusetts and gardening has been strange this year - I had been growing pole beans in 1/2 barrels next to a flower bed with hollyhocks. I've grown beans there before - usually change out the top 1/3 of the soil in the barrels. This year, the hollyhocks had a massive case of rust, which I did not see until too late. The beans also developed something - since they're close to the hollyhocks, I'm assuming it's rust as well but what do you think? Where the season is so late, I'm assuming to let them go and not treat whatever it is? Should I pull them up? More importantly, can I grow beans there next year or should I plant somewhere else?


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Whatever it is, mine have it too. Have you put anything on yours?

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I just looked on (organic) and he said to pull them up now because they can spread & compost them completely. And don't plant the same thing there next year. that's a problem for me because I was going to run my rows east/west next year instead of north/south so there will be a little overlap.

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