Undulatas are Beautiful This year

leaflover76(5b)June 13, 2013

They may be the old standard but this year they are really showing off!

Undulata 5 years old

Undulata Medio Vaiegata 6 years old

Undulata Albomarginata 6 years old. Pic doesnt quite show the size of this one. Its huge!

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Thanks for showing all of them as grown in one garden. And they all look fantastic.

One comment, I think they really prefer to be planted in the ground. After my U. Albomarginata was potted and lost its white margins, I went on a search about what happened. I learned it frequently does lose the white margin when potted.

So to look this nice, it is one to keep in the ground. Don't put it in a pot unless you just really love greenies.

I have both the U. Albomarginata and U. Univittata. Both have no white on them. Bummer! Because I grow hosta in pots, but now must choose a white marked free hosta in the cold cold ground or a greenie in the pot. They love their freedom.

Here's U. Univittata on 6-4-13

And here's Undulata Albomarginata on 6-9-13
Not a sign of the white margins

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I have an Undulata Univittata growing in a pot for the third season this year. While it still has variegation I can see it is getting greener. I guess I should "ground" it.

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Aarrgghh! Leavelover, that is a gorgeous hosta. I am about to include both my U. hosta in the front planting bed, where they can be free to show their white stripes and margins. They are really pretty plants.

In the same bed, I have jet green aspidistra which is stiff and quite tropical looking. Having the U. in front with their white markings might be very effective looking. That's the bed with the palm trees, bananas, and bamboo. Hosta are not tropical by any means, but many of them have "the look."

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The all green version is called Undulata Erromena. It forms a nice clump, probably a little larger than univittata.

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chris-e(7 MD)

There is nothing wrong with the oldies! Some of us are pretty good-looking as we age. : )


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bernd ny zone5(5)

The leaves of my undulatas are rather thin in substance and that's why they are probably a slug magnet. But from appearance they look better than many others in the Hosta Library. I have several. Bernd

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It's my U. Albomarginata's 3rd year and it is a MONSTER but so stunning... It's the envy of the neighborhood... Literally! Everyone wants it!! Here it is today...

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