Can I store lily bulbs for planting later?

monarae_gw(z4 IOWA)September 4, 2007

I have to move a fairly large garden, and I have to start now, for reasons beyond my control. I have been digging all morning, and have come up with LARGE amounts of lily bulbs, both asiatic and oriental. I have a friend coming out to take some of these tonight, but I would like to save some of the special ones to be replanted in another area. I am in Zone 4 - Iowa. Can I keep the bulbs in the fridge, or just in the basement? Am I doomed?? lol!

I must say that these are very healthy plants!

If I must, I will replant in an area and move again. Would rather not do that to them if I don't have to.

I appreciate your help!!!


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greenguy1(z7 Maryland)

Hi MonaRae -

Lily bulbs never really go dormant, and do best when out of the ground for as short a time as possible. If you've got the space, I would recommend potting the bulbs up right away. You can cram them in, bulb to bulb, you're just trying to keep the root system fresh and growing. You can store the pots in an unheated garage or cool basement until spring, then tease the roots apart and plant again.

If you can't pot them up right away, get some peat moss, wet it and squeeze out as much of the water as you can. Dust the bulbs with a fungicide, then store the bulbs in the barely moist moss in an open container (which you will need to mist periodically to keep it barely moist) and store in the basement or garage until you can plant in the spring.

- Steve

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monarae_gw(z4 IOWA)

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate that. I will get the peat moss out and get a bed made for them asap. I just got done digging up more plants for friends. Dang mosquitos!!! I am not ready to plant them into thier forever home yet. Should be by the end of fall.


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I would not suggest storing in an unheated garage over winter in zone 4. If you must store them in the basement for a week while readying the new bed, ok.

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I store lilies in dry peat moss/vermiculite whatever I have, in ziplock baggies in the fridge. Works well for me.


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