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eileen_plantsAugust 20, 2006

HOw often do you change the water in your lucky bamboo if you are using water instead of soil to grow them? I generally do it once a week. Is this appropriate?

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I change mine once a week also :)

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Hmmm... Never changed the water, just add to it when the level drops. I've had it 6 months or so and so far it's doing fine. I'm sacred to change it now, might shock the poor thing into dieing! LOL The water isn't stinky or especially cloudy. What do you think... should I be brave and change it? It has lots of roots twined around the glass beads.

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I have had one growing in rocks for several years. I have never changed the water. I just keep the water just below the surface of the rocks.

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I also have mine growing in water and just top it up when needed. I add fertilizer to my water every now and then for all my houseplants and the bamboo gets the same treatment.

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I have lucky bamboos in 4 different containers. They are growing in stones and shells. I have never changed the water, but they live in distilled water only. I don't use tap water on them.
Now if I can only stop my cats from eating them!

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phil(5 Ohio)

I have had mine 3 years and have never changed the water, It is growing in little rocks and doing fine.
Jussu never let it go dry.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Eileen, your dracaena will do better if you DO change it every once in a while. If there isn't plenty of oxygen in the water, new roots will cease to develop. No new roots and you'll have severely stunted plants (which is what some people like for this plant) or even decline.

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joy4me(z6 NY)

I have to agree with rhizo. Also, if you live where you have fluorinated water or water with chlorine, you might use spring water instead. Some areas use more chemicals than others. When and if you do fertilize, make sure use very, very diluted fertilizer and rarely. Dracaena are not wild about fertilizer!

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I had grown my regular lucky bamboo for 7 years from the original stalks, and I only changed to the larger pot once. I never changed water while I was growing the plants (these plants do have their lives for not longer 5/6 years).

I am selling the plants for almost 5 years now. I always advise my customers not to move the plants when they are growing well at their home. If you purchased your plant from the good care nursery/seller who clean the container and materials (rocks/marbles) 100%, you should not see any dirt or bacteria in the water for years. I wash the pot/vase thoroughly, and soak the rocks overnight, and rinse them 3 - 4 times the next day before I use them to set up the plants.It does no matter of what kind of water that you use for the plants, they live very healthy if you care a little on the water temperature during the winter.

Hopefully these information could be useful to some one who loves the plants.

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I change out my water about every three months. I add fresh water once a week with SUPERthrive nutrients and about once a month I Use Leaf Zone aquarium fetilizer. I have had it about 8 years now and still growing strong!

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