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scarletbegonias(6)September 20, 2009

Hello all... I was given a Lucky Bamboo as a gift last Christmas. It has 8 stalks and is actually Dracaena sandera. When it came to me it was in a glazed pot of soil with rocks or pebbles glued to the top. I've tried to break the rocks apart but am unsuccessful because I'm afraid I'll damage the stalks.

So I just pay attention to it as I cannot even tell what kind of soil or how moist it is under all those pebbles. Surprisingly enough the plant has grown so much new foliage on top and does look pretty happy... until yesterday! I noticed that one stalk is turning yellow :( I do love this plant and would love to keep it happy and alive..

Any suggestions and advice would be very welcome, and I don't want to lose a stalk because I want to have all 8 together. however, if your going to tell me its not real bamboo or to trash it.. no thanks!

Oh, btw, I water it about once every week-week and a half and it sits about 5 feet from an East window.. Don't really fertilize this one.

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Hi Scarlet.

I don't think it matters about if a plant is really bamboo or not, but you are correct that lucky bamboo is not really a bamboo plant. All that matters, of course, is that you love your plant.

It was my understanding that the rocks are glued together for shipping. They are supposed to dissolve over time, but apparently this did not happen for your plant. When you have a few moments, you should be able to gently pry the rocks apart. You may just want to chip away at it in your spare time.

Sometimes a stalk will turn yellow. This can mean that the stalk is dying for some reason. If the stalk is getting squisy and looks infected with fungus or other growth, definitely remove it from the group. Otherwise, it can create problems with your remaining stalks. If the stalk is otherwise healthy, you can give it a chance to see if it still has some healthy growth.

There are other reasons besides infections, fungus and infestations that turn lucky bamboo yellow. An additional reason is too much sun, but that would not happen to one stalk. Overfertilization can happen too, but you state you have not been feeding the plant. Be sure that water you use does not have chemicals in it such as chlorine and fluoride. Too cool or hot of temperatures can be a culprit as well, but again, I don't think that would happen to one stalk.

You do want to fertilize your plant with a very light dose every now and then. All plants need to eat something besides what they get from soaking up sun.

If you do end up cutting the yellow part of the stalk off, you may wish to root your cutting in water if the top part is still healthy and not infested with anything.

Best wishes for your lucky bamboo and you!

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