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peacolaSeptember 30, 2007

I was given a lucky bamboo plant while hospitalized at the beginning of the year. To my pleasant surprise I've managed not to kill it, once I learned to change the water every week or so.

Now I'd like to prune them back and hopefully, propagate the cuttings. Each plant's main stalk has two or three nodules and the offshoot has six to seven pairs of leaves.

Where should I make the cut?

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http://www.buffofloral.com/bamboo_faqs.shtml as

Quote: You can get any length of bamboo stalk and clean cut the bottom to the preferred length, as it will root again in about 2 months in warm weather. You can also clean cut the Lucky Bamboo stalks from the top; usually the top 2 or 3 joints will sprout again in 3 months in the summer.

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Can I cut a lucky bamboo stalk in half and grow the two separate parts separately?

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