jelly-type of fungus in lucky bamboo pot

clm4700October 13, 2006

I have the lucky bamboo for more than a year. In the past two months, a brownish jelly-type of fungus growing in the LB pot. I cleaned out the "jelly" in the pot once but it returned a week later. 3 stems have got rotten and are dying. What is the problem and what can I do to prevent further deterioration? Thanks for your help.

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It sounds to me like you have root/stem rot. I'd guess the jelly is actually rotting plant material. Your best bet to save the plant would be to re-root the stems, check the LB propagation threads for more info. Because you have rot, you'll need to discard the effected parts of the plant. Just make sure that the parts of the plant you try to root are still healthy, not soft or discolored. If you really want to re-use the same container, discard the infected roots/dirt/gravel, clean it out well with soap + water, then disinfect it with diluted bleach. But I'd use another container for the rooting anyhow, as it might be safer.

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I think I made a boo-boo...there are 2 threads right now with similar titles with propagate/propagation . I meant to refer you to the 'How to propagate' one.

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try using bottled water cause it dosen't have chlorine in it

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