High roots on my Lucky Bamboo stalks

blinkerthesun1October 8, 2012

Hello there!

I have a question that is probably naive. I have four lucky bamboo stalks that are a little too tall. They have been in pretty deep water, so the roots have grown higher up on the stalks. I was wondering if it is possible to cut below the highest roots so that I could grow another plant while keeping the ones I have going strong. They are spiraled at the top with only a couple of shoots, so I don't want to have to cut them to make a new plant. Is my question completely ridiculous? Here are a couple more pictures of them: http://imgur.com/a/jC6gg

Sorry for the sideways picture!

Thank you for your help!

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I have never had any luck growing a Lucky Bamboo that has had the main root system cut off. This just does not seem to be a good idea. In theory I guess you could cut somewhere in the rooting area of the stalk, add some rooting hormone and hope for the best. It just doesn't seem to be a good plan to separate a healthy plant from its main source of food for the weeks or months it will take to develop new roots. I don't recommend it.

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Sure you can trim them back just dont take them to close to the stem leave at least 2 to 4 inch's according to how old the bamboo is I have lotus plants they are a cousin to the lucky bamboo and there roots also grow fast in fact I know they grow faster than my Luck Bamboo. Just dont get to happy with the scissors and cut them off to short also I never cut off the white roots and the ones growing up the stem you can break those off and just keep the water level down below that area so it will not grow back after a few years you need to let the roots grow out a bit and plant them up in a clay pot with good soil and just make sure you keep them damp if not they will rot because they need dirt to actually live in. All things that have roots have to get the nutrition in the soil. They will grow and be just as beautiful.

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