Transplant or leave seedlings for later?

sujiwan_gwSeptember 22, 2012

I grew trumpet lilies from seed this year. I basically have two 4" square x 5" deep pots that I spaced 9 seeds in each. They all germinated and have a few wide blade leaves per seedling. I was thinking I would transplant them into individual pots but just read one source that said I should leave a potted seedling in place for a year before any attempt to transplant it. Will this be a problem with that many seedlings in one pot until next spring? Do I leave the pots outdoors on a covered patio over the winter as is or do I need to set these pots into something to protect them from potentially low temps in range of 0-10 degrees should that happen?

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I leave mine in the same pots during the first Fall to get as much growth, for as long as they're alive growing and until they decide to dormant or freeze. Then if they're not too crowded, I leave them grow in the same pots a second full year; then set out. Since you had good luck with your seeds and they're over crowded--as happens sometimes, then setting out next spring is your best option. If your pots have good drainage you can bury the pots in the same garden with the rest of your liles,cover with about an inch of dirt and mulch a little with coarse straw preferrably after the ground freezes if it does in your area. Overwintering in an unheated attached garage is OK too, provided you put the smaller pots in a larger pot and cover with an inch or so with soil to keep them from drying out completely so check in mid january and water lighty if needed.

I cross pollenate and seed lilies as a hobby. If you are interested in learning more about lily seeding or just lilies in general check out click forums in the heading, then scroll down to the second section titled 'plants' where you'll see lilies listed. There's a bunch of very good lily seeders in there.

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Thanks for the link and advice.

I get a lot of pleasure starting things from seed. I've never focused on just one thing to become more of an expert on it though I certainly do love lilies!

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As a follow up to this question, anyone living in a colder area than zone 6, or in an area where the soil freezes to a depth which is deeper than the drain holes of your pots, you should bury your pots horizontally or at least at a 45 degree angle and mulch heavier. The reason is because if your drain holes freeze shut, your pot becomes a water trap or sump which with alternate late winter and spring freeze/thaw cycles, it could damage the bulbs.

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