Starting a peace lily from scratch

naturedoc(z5 CO)September 14, 2006


I recently inherited a VERY sad-looking peace lily from a friend in a fairly large pot with no drainage. I decided to cut off all the leaves that looked sad, and this eventually led to me, um, cutting all the leaves off! So now there's just the roots left, and maybe a little bit of the base of the lily. (Actually, now that I think about it, it looked like there were about three separate plants in there.)

So what do you think? If I were to replant the separate plants in smaller pots with drainage, is there a chance they might thrive? If so, how long would it take before any foliage actually showed up?

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I received some Lilies as a gift. They are dying off now for the fall season in NY. I don't know what kind of Lilies they are. They grow about 33" tall and the pods are about 1" and brown. They are shaped like a tulip. When I went to weed, they made a rattling sound. Inside the pod were hard black seeds or insect eggs. Which are they? If they are seeds, how do I preserve them over the winter and what time do I plant them in the spring.

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Nancy zone 6

naturedoc, I think you would have a good chance they would thrive. I have found peace lilies to be very tolerant, as long as the root itself is not rotten, etc. Sounds like they need to come out of that pot anyway, so I would give it a shot. If they are too very hard to separate, might be better to leave them together til they recover a bit before dividing.
corky66, I can't think what kind of lily that would be that would make a seed pod like that, unless it is an iris?

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