Best kitchen window grow lights?

toby2009December 14, 2009

South-facing "box window" approx. 46"L x 18"D x 32"H, (insulated on sides and top). Hoping to install grow lights for vegetables (lettuce etc) and herbs. The window is behind the kitchen sink, granite sill, planning on mirrors on the side walls, and may be able to open up the sides and ceiling to fit a 4' worklight if required (just unfinished sheetrock at present- only just thought of installing a grow light).

From reading this Forum, I assume that a worklight with 65W flourescent bulbs and chains to raise and lower it, or two Flourex floodlights set in the "ceiling" and moveable shelves could work. Suggestions and advice appreciated. This will be part of a special present for my husband who loves to garden. He's facing a major health challenge and could do with a boost as well as some healthy organic veggies. We're both grow light newbies, so the more specific the better.

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Hi Toby,

Having a south window is nice and it provides plenty of bright light, so I assume you may need to extend the daylight hours in the winter, and you seem to have that problem solved. Both of your solutions seem to be aesthetically pleasing and provide the additional light your plants will need. Sorry I can't be more specific but you seem to have it all under control :)

Take care,

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