PicsLucky Bamboo Algea and problems

claritamariaOctober 8, 2006


I am an orchid person but have some lucky babmboo. The one that is very special to me is ailing. I moved from Miami some months ago but it began ailing there

Since I grow orchids I have good conditions. I grow the LB on a window sill that is glass block

I have 2 other LB's which are doing fine so I am at a loss and pray you can help

1) The algea problem. The roots are full of it. The roots are so bound that the rocks etc are stuck. I have tried to add a drop of phyhton to the water and a bit of superthrive but no luck. Is this ok to have or should I get rid of the Algea?

2) there is no odor to the algea water

3) The main stalks are bending and yellowing however there are 2 little shoots coming up, one has really thrived and a second to follow.Is this a normal cycle of lucky bamboo

4) what are the whitish spots on the main plant? Also why are the tips browing? I use 2-3 drops of superthrive but this was happening before I did it

5) I have heard that LB like to live in "dirty water". This water is distilled. I have also tried tap water

How do I save this plant? My boyfriend gave it to me and he has passed away

Thank you for any answers you may have for me


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dirt_dew(z9 az)

Change the water! Get rid of the algae. Clean out the glass. Rinse the roots every time you change the water. Use very little fertilizer and very seldom.

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how do i get rid of the algea? ohyton in the water? and this is newly changed water you are seeing in the pics ;-( the roots are green

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It appears that the yellowing is starting above the place where the canes are tied together with something red. Loosen that tie or get rid of it altogether if you can.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I hate to say it, but if this were mine, I would cut the overgrown tops off completely, make several cane cuttings (propagate in good potting soil), and I would also let those new little shoots take over.

I don't know WHAT the heck is going on with that water, but a heavy growth of algae on the roots like that is not good for the survival of the plants.

By taking cuttings, you will be doing something proactive in keeping this plant going for many years. The way it's going now, you will simply be watching it decline steadily.

If you are interested in learning how to propagate this plant, let me know.

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This Dracaena is a classic example of this plants capabilities to tolerate a wide range of culturing conditions. It's growth will be
impressive with an ideal favorable growing method.

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UPDATE: This plant is on its way back to health! Dorie thank you so much! I decided to cover all the bases, sterile agar, soil/peat/perlite/spag mixture and just plain old water. The soil mixture is producing the best results so far and fast!

Thanks to all for your help

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