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Nish11September 8, 2011

Hi ,

I recently got colored calla lily . This is my first time to have a plant at home,and I absolutely have no experience.Some how I read the care instructions for white calla lilies and applied it to them.I watered them regularly and kept them away from sun. For some days they were good ,but later both the leaves and the flowers started drooping. Also the new flowers were light pink as compared to the purple color which it had when i got them. After finally understanding what mistake I had made ,I thought of checking on the bulb.. :( and it was all soggy and rotting out and there were insects eating it ... It was so much a pain to see that..I tried to wash the bulbs ,to remove the infestation , I cut out the leaves and flowers :( and now I have kept them to dry. Can anyone help me ,how can I save my lili bulb ...Is there any chance of it surviving ???? I just dont want it to die..Please help.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

The colored callas require excellent drainage unlike the big white ones which will even grow in standing water.

Kept away from sun? do you mean you had them indoors?

They will only grow temporarily indoors, they need to be outdoors but aren't grown successfully in much of the US. They are not nearly as easy to grow as the big white ones. Which are common garden perennials in many locations.

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