Must move lilies now

jcurts(8)September 11, 2012

Landscapers are starting to redo my yard.

The lilies have finished blooming 2 weeks of more ago and are just barely starting to wilt and brown up.

I left one seed pod on each plant in hopes of playing with growing from seeds.

Will the lily bulbs survive digging and packing into a temporary medium and replanted at a later date?

Also, the seed pods have not yet turned color so do I assume they are not useable?

I am in the Portland Oregon area so probably zone 8.

When can I replant the bulbs?



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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

If you have to move them NOW, then you just have to move them. Better moving at a bad time, than demolishing by the landscapers! Could you put them in large pots with a ton of dirt, such that the root ball isn't much disturbed? I think that would be your best bet. When I've had lilies in pots, deeper pots worked much better than small and shallow ones. Can you go to your local Home Depot (other other purveyor of large black plastic nursery pots?) and get some of the jumbo pots? I've had lilies in those (15 gal?) sized pots for years and had lovely tall plants that multiplied VERY happily, so I do know that the big pots can make a good home for lilies.

I'm sure other more knowledgeable people will chime in.

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Ideally, I do not wish to leave the plants out of the ground any longer than possible. The site will be available again in a month or sooner. I had hoped to seperate most of the bulbs either upon digging or planting.

In the past I have overwintered them in damp finely ground peat moss with good results.

Much sorting is to be done and each lily is tagged for type, color and height.

Should I seperate them upon digging or when I replant them permanently?



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Temporarily storing lily plants a short time at the stage which yours are in is OK. They are very near their bulb rejuvination period anyway and all you'll be doing is inducing a near dormancy in the process just a little sooner. Just be sure when you dig them, try to keep as much dirt and root ball intact as possible, drop plant and all in some kind of container that will drain. Leave the stem and leaves on until you replant, then cut back 2 or 3 inches above the old soil line. Any seperating, dividing should be done when, and, as you replant. A three or four week temporary hold will be no problem and replanting in mid/late Oct in Oregon is just fine. Incidently, if you would like to know more about lily seeding, cross pollenation, etc. check out: Click on FORUMS, then scroll down to the second section PLANTS, about half way down you'll see LILIES listed. There are some very knowledgable 'lily seeders' there.

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That is pretty much what I needed to hear. Thanks!

Some of the new lilies have little pod like growths on the leaves next to the stalk. It appears a tiny growth is emerging from the top of these pods. What and when can I do something with this new developement?

Again, Thanks


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Jim-those are called bulbils. You can pick those and plant about a half inch deep. They'll bloom in about two to three years. The shallow depth you plant them at is not critical, they will pull down to the depth they desire themselves. Most would live if you left them on top of the ground even. In my post above the second sentence should read: They are very near (the end of) their rejuvination--etc.

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