My New Lucky Bamboo

evonnestoryteller(5-6)November 2, 2007

I really love my new lucky bamboo plant! I have never seen one as nice as this in person. Unfortunately, a little piece of it got knocked off. (That is what the little red tie is.) I tried to graft it back, but someone knocked that off despite my securing the plant above and below the graft.

I hope it grows out nicely with sprouts in the right place!

Thanks for all the great information. Mine is still in water, and now I have the information on how to grow these in soil. As soon as I find the right container, I am potting up the plant!

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Ooh, that looks so pretty but I probably could never afford it xP.

I'm hoping that one day I can collect a bunch of small ones and grow it fancy like that. Sadly, I don't think that the knocked off section will graft back on... If it starts dying I would recommend taking it off completely and putting it in some water so that you will at least have something out of it. Hopefully some more will grow in its place, and you can probably just hide it in the back... ;)

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I will never know for sure if the graft would work or not. Someone knocked it off. I did stick the section in some soil and it is growing nicely. If you know that it does not graft, then I am happy with the outcome.

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I purchased a lucky bamboo a few years ago for my mother. She loves her outdoor gardens, but her house is very ... untouched, I'll say. She says she has no time to decorate inside with life because she enjoys the outside work so much. I new lucky bamboo's were pretty easy to care for (just water), and I just love mine, so anyways ... she got a little life in the house not.

Here is a link that might be useful: cpr classes

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I thought I would show everyone my same plant one year later after transitioning it to soil. You can see how much it has grown and how nicely it has fanned out!

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Oh, It looks very nice! how about the graft? do those stalk well now?

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I never got to see if the graft would take. Someone knocked it off, so I just stuck it in soil. That little piece of broken stalk is its own plant now. It is actually getting quite tall.

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what kind of soil should i use for the lucky bamboo?

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