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beverlyflaSeptember 18, 2013

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Zone 10. Six crinum lilies were planted at the same time in 2009, and all but one is still thriving. The one in distress has wrinkled, thinning eaves & deformed flower buds. It has been failing for at least 4 months. We planted these because they were supposed to be 'iron plants' needing little to no attention.

Anyone have an idea what is plaguing the one lily?

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this doesn't seem to be a true lily
i am not an expert


in your position
i would cut off all the leaves and see what happens
if the growing season is over for these lilies i would uproot them and wait till march then replant them

this treatment because they are hardy and take any abuse thrown to them
excess water
viral diseases
like i said i'm not an expert.....


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