Light gardens in public places

nygardener(z6 New York)December 19, 2004

I just had brunch at Souen, a macrobiotic/vegetarian restaurant near Union Square here in New York, and was charmed by an odd collection of fluorescent, incandescent, and floodlight bulbs posed near the ceiling at odd angles to keep an assortment of indoor plants alive. The effect was very macro-scruffy-organic, but kind of nice.

Have you seen any gardens in public places that make use of artificial grow lights?

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Bubby's in DUMBO (Brooklyn) has a bunch of HID fluorescents hanging around for its plants. I helpfully pointed this out to my DW as an example of how grow lights can co-exist with hip design; her reply was, "I think they're ugly." Alas.

There's also a plant store/cafe in the flower district (6th. Ave, 26-27th street I think) that I think is very cool; the tables are set around groups of plants for sale, and the even have wall-hanging fountains filled with ferns, bromeliads, etc. on the walls!


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