Root Formation on Shoots?

wondernuggetNovember 3, 2008

I was tending to my plants the other day and found what I thought at first to be an infestation on my lucky bamboo. After some careful inspection and the removal of some leaves I discovered that the leafy shoot off of the main branch had sprouted roots about 1/2" away from the stalk and they had burrowed back into the the shoot's solid core. Has anyone ever had this happen before?

I suppose this could explain why that shoot had had no new growth in over 1 year.

I ended up breaking the majority of the shoot off (below the shoot's roots) and planting it in some dirt. I think it will do fine. I am a little worried about the mother plant though It only has some little leaf nubs left as it only had 1 shoot to begin with.

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Several things may have happened here.

The most likely scenario is that the shoot grew in such a way that it came in contact with the soil, sprouted roots at that contact, and started growing up from that area. Cutting off the shoot will probably cause the stem to sprout another shoot if it is in healthy condition.

Another possibility is that the shoot may have slightly broken, come in contact with the soil, and rooted. Cutting the shoot should cause the main stem to sprout a shoot.

I have occassionally lost a stem of a plant and had the upper shoots sprout roots under stress. I have not seen this in lucky bamboo, so I do not know if that is likely. If for some reason the shoot managed to root because the stem is not healthy, you will at least have a new plant.

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