lucky bamboo stalks yellow

terri12November 2, 2006

I have had LB for many years and never a problem until now. The stalks have rapidly started turning yellow form the bottom up. I have neglected changing the water until now but I'm worried it's to late. Do I cut the stem off and hope it will grow new roots? The two different stalks are about three feet tall and don't want to loose my favorite plant. Any suggestions?

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I have a single head dracaena that I would like to promote additional branches before it gets too tall and spindly. How do I do that?

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I cut off the top of my plant because the folliage and the top of the spiral was turning yellow and wrinkly.
It looked like there was a wax seal on the top of the plant that I hadn't noticed before.
I now have a cut plant and am wondering if there is something else I should do with it or just leave it alone.

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After cut, it's better to grow the plant in the soil in garden or in a pot.

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I had one of my stalks turn yellow also , little did i know that i wasn't supposed to water it with tap water ( and did ) So let that dry out and the remaining one is fine , and i am giving it tap water , but how much of the water should i give it for just one stalk?

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