Use of Kelp Spray with Lucky Bamboo

Zalea1864(6)November 16, 2013


I have a lucky bamboo that has been kept in an office environment for approximately two years. It was received as a water based plant and has remained so. It has been receiving bottled water during that time, not tap water.

Through the two years I have had it, it has remained unchanged -- it has not turned brown or yellow...but it has not grown either. I have had very little change to the leaves.

After doing a little reading, I realize the lack of leaf development is probably that I have not been using any liquid fertilizer. I plan to start adding a drop every month or so to see if development improves.

I have a bottle of Garden's Alive Kelp Spray that is supposed to be sprayed on the leaves of plants to help the foliage grow; it is supposed to allow the leaves to absorb more nutrients directly.

I was wondering if anyone has tried using a kelp spray with their lucky bamboo's leaves, and, if so, what were the results?

If not, do you think it would hurt to try? I was thinking an occasional mist every few weeks, not a daily dose (and not at the same time as the fertilizer in the water).

I don't want to start experimenting too much and damage the plant, so any guidance on this would be much appreciated.


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I don't know but you could try it and put before and after pictures! :)

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