Saving Private Lucky Bamboo

JrheymansDecember 23, 2013

Hi There,

My company has given out LB to everyone and as you can imagine not everyone has taken a liking to the parenting factor of looking after their Bamboo.
That being said a lot of them got orphaned and me hating to see the poor things suffer have started adopting the ones I see has been neglected.
I have one in particular that was completely left to dry out. The stalk started drying out at the bottom but not turning yellow. I took it under my wing and started giving it the care it needs, the main question I have is the bottom part with the dead dry patch is not responding but it does seem that it�s trying to push out some new roots on the segment above the dead patch. Can I cut of the bottom "dead" part because it seems that its polluting the water? and if I cut it is there something I need to do about the new exposed area or can it just be left? Another question I have is they have all been given in these small long glass containers, the one bamboo�s roots have started taking over inside but it�s not growing at the leaves at all, can I trim the roots without damaging the plant?

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay and any advice would be really appreciated.


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Plant them in soil I wouldn't cut the bad part off. But they should all perk up in moist soil. Good luck and we love pictures.

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