Three weeks absence

JAndrewsDecember 6, 2012

Hello! This is my first post here. I'm in Milwaukee, WI.

About a month ago I bought (read: rescued) two small lucky bamboo stalks from Walgreens and have been growing them in water in my apartment since. They have grown noticeably and seem to be doing very well overall.

However, I am going to be gone for about three and a half weeks with my parents in December/January. I'll only be 85 miles away in Chicago, but it will probably be somewhere between 15-25 degrees F when I leave, and since I'm taking the bus that will involve a half hour of walking from my apartment, and two more half hour segments in Chicago (bus to train, train to home). Am I right in assuming that that would be too damaging to the plant to be worth it?

The other option I thought of was to jimmy rig a greenhouse out of cardboard and plastic wrap (it's gotten too big for a soda bottle- it bends the leaves), get a slightly bigger pot for it to hold more water (the pot it has barely fits it and a few rocks), and put it in a shady spot. Does this sound like a better idea? Would I be able to give it enough water at once to last it three weeks without rotting it?


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Well if anyone's interested in what happened- I ended up being gone for a full month. I filled the lucky bamboo's pot with water and put it in my bathtub with the curtain drawn. Then I jimmy-rigged a greenhouse out of a pop can box and ceran wrap and set it over the plant.

It worked perfectly- almost all the water was still in the pot and when I got back the plant was as happy as ever- happier than my succulents (c. ovata, c. arborescens, sempervivum sp.), believe it or not.

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Well I was just reading this section. Sorry no one replied!! But sounds like it worked out great :) !

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Thanks! Yup, it's still going strong :)

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