New here...couple of questions

shauntavia(z8 GA)December 10, 2012

I have a stalk that I have had for about 8 months that won't produce leaves? What could be wrong? Also is there a good supplier online?

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You can usually find lucky bamboo from local places like stores that sell Asian things or nurseries.

With lucky bamboo you can start in water or you can start in soil. I use only water.

I wonder if there is a top and a bottom for bamboo. If so maybe if you don't already have roots, you could turn it upside down and try rooting from that. I have one bamboo (total 9) which rooted, then gave a baby at the bottom of the bamboo branch.

Once the babies are large enough, you can tear them off and start the baby in water. Check out Lucky Bamboo on Youtube.


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We are new too. Jack gave me a lucky bamboo as a present when we first met 2 1/2yrs ago. It's n water and we have changed it to a bigger glass pot once. It's in the bathroom with nice indirect light. It's pale. I keep the water filled to the top...just tap water and we have a water softener so it has salt in t. I tried a bit of watered down miracle grow a few months ago and it made it a little worse. I will try to post a pic. Thx. Stephanie

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Image file to upload is grayed out for us. Any advice on that? :)

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